Social media campaign

Can’t join us for our letter writing event at the Owl Acoustic Lounge on Wednesday, February 20 from 6:30-8:30pm? You can still join in by writing your letters as described on our take-action page.
And, join us on Twitter as we #PushForParticipation. Here are some sample tweets you can send. Make sure you include the hashtag #PushForParticipation.

Tweet to:

  • Mayor Chris Spearman - @Spearmac
  • Councillor Mark Campbell - @MarkBoogieman
  • Councillor Jeff Carlson - @jeffhcarlson
  • Councillor Jeffrey Coffman - @jeffreycoffman
  • Councillor Belinda Crowson - @BelindaCrowson
  • Councillor Blaine Hyggen - @Hyggen
  • Councillor Joe Mauro - @joemauroleth
  • Councillor Rob Miyashiro - @RobMiyashiro1
  • Councillor Ryan Parker - @RyanParker75
  • MLA Maria Fitzpatrick - @MFitzpatrickNDP
  • Honourable Shannon Phillips (MLA for West Lethbridge and Minister of Environment & Parks) - @SPhillipsAB
  • Honourable Margaret McCuaig-Boyd (Minister of Energy) - @MargMcCuaigBoyd
  • Premier Rachel Notley - @RachelNotley
  • Alberta Energy Regulator - @AER_news
  • Alberta Environment - @AB_Enviro
  • Alberta Energy - @Alberta_Energy

Use these hashtags:

  • #YQL - hashtag for Lethbridge
  • #LethCC - hashtag for Lethbridge City Council
  • #ableg / #abpoli - hashtags for Alberta politics
  • #ABenergy - hashtag for Alberta energy

Sample tweets:

Will the Tamarack oil well impact my property values? We need answers @SpearMac! #yql #PushForParticipation #LethCC

Will the Tamarack oil well flare? We need answers @AER_news! #yql #ABenergy #PushForParticipation

Lethbridge deserves to participate. Help us get a Participant Involvement Program @MFitzpatrickNDP and @SPhillipsAB. #PushForParticipation #yql #ableg

Tamarack Energy has licences to divert 65 million litres of water from the Oldman River for its well within city limits. How will this impact our water? #yql #lethcc #PushForParticipation

Why were we only given 5 days to file a Statement of Concern for the Oldman River water diversion? @aer_news @AB_Enviro #PushForParticipation #ableg #yql

Participant involvement does not end with our approval and issuance of a licence; rather, it must continue throughout the life cycle of an energy project. We want to participate! #PushForParticipation #yql #ableg #abenergy

What are the emergency plans in case of an oil spill? We should all be informed. #PushForParticipation #yql #lethcc

Come talk to us directly Tamarack! #PushForParticipation #yql #ABenergy

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About the Author

We are a small volunteer group of Lethbridge residents working to protect the health and safety of the people in Lethbridge, by being opposed to oil drilling and fracking within OUR city limits. We believe that the risks for Lethbridge greatly outweigh the benefit of acquiring the natural resource. We are not opposed to oil and gas exploration, generally. We are concerned about the negative impacts on OUR city and its residents if oil and gas drilling is allowed inside OUR city limits.