No Drilling Lethbridge has concerns with information provided by Goldenkey Oil, this time regarding their plans for toxic fluid disposal.

Goldenkey Oil Inc’s January Community Consultation Event Report states that “there is an existing and approved water disposal facility in Pincher Creek” and that “Tervita is the operator of this facility and Goldenkey currently plans on properly disposing of the water at this facility to ensure compliance with the regulations.”  Goldenkey Oil’s Penny Project Safety Information Sheet states “All toxic fluids and toxic solids will be hauled to Tervita’s disposal facility at Pincher Creek”.

The disposal facility referenced by Goldenkey is in fact an approved Class II Landfill under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (Approval Number 18701-01-00) and is owned by the Crowsnest-Pincher Creek Regional Waste Management Association however operated by Tervita.  Class II landfills are not approved to accept hazardous or dangerous oilfield wastes and the approval for this landfill explicitly states that “the approval holder shall not dispose of...bulk liquid waste”.

Once again, Goldenkey has demonstrated they have been less than forthright with the community of Lethbridge.


“We recognize that much of what Goldenkey wanted us to believe has been shown to be less than correct. Corporation ownership, extent of the mineral license, history of non-compliance, water sourcing, consultation with our City Council - these are all things the community of Lethbridge has found out through other sources,” said Sheila Rogers. “And now we also are left wondering where the liquid waste for Goldenkey’s Penny Project will actually be disposed. To say our confidence in Goldenkey’s statements is shaken would be an understatement.”


No Drilling Lethbridge is urging the Minister of Energy, Diana McQueen, to deny the license renewal submitted by Goldenkey Oil Inc. on March 3, 2014.

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We are a small volunteer group of Lethbridge residents working to protect the health and safety of the people in Lethbridge, by being opposed to oil drilling and fracking within OUR city limits. We believe that the risks for Lethbridge greatly outweigh the benefit of acquiring the natural resource. We are not opposed to oil and gas exploration, generally. We are concerned about the negative impacts on OUR city and its residents if oil and gas drilling is allowed inside OUR city limits.