News Update No Drilling Lethbridge

No Drilling Lethbridge is pleased that over 11,000 Lethbridge residents signed a petition calling on the Alberta Government to pass legislation that would ban oil and gas development within the City of Lethbridge. This could not have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of volunteers who went door to door collecting signatures in all weather conditions or posted the petition in their place of business. We are also pleased that Goldenkey Oil has been delayed in making their application to drill in Lethbridge.

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No Drilling Lethbridge delivers petition to the AB Legislature

Edmonton - A Lethbridge group opposed to a proposal by a Calgary-based energy company to drill within municipal boundaries has delivered a box of petitions to Lethbridge West MLA Greg Weadick at the Alberta Legislature. The petition -- with over 11,000 signatures, representing over 12 percent of the city’s population -- calls on the Government of Alberta to introduce legislation that would prohibit oil and gas drilling development within the City of Lethbridge.

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Petition Signatures at 8000!

Success of No Drilling Lethbridge’s west side campaign encourages expansion of campaign to north and south sides

Lethbridge - Local volunteer group No Drilling Lethbridge says they now have over 8000 signatures on a petition that calls on the provincial government to introduce legislation that would ban drilling for oil and gas within Lethbridge city limits.  A west side door to door petition campaign organized by the group has proven successful and the group will now be expanding the campaign to the north and south sides.

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