The Alberta Energy Regulator has strict criteria for the information that must be included in a Statement of Concern. Completing a Statement of Concern is the strongest message you can send that you do not want drilling in Lethbridge, but at first glance it may appear challenging. That is why we have provided a rough guide for how to complete a Statement of Concern.

This guide is not intended as legal advice. If you have specific questions about the project, ask Goldenkey Oil. It is their responsibility to provide as much information as possible to Lethbridge residents. If they are unable to provide satisfactory answers to your questions, mention this in your Statement of Concern.

1) Complete your name and contact information:
Under “State the location of the proposed project in location to you,” state your distanceto the nearest well, if you know it. Otherwise, state the neighborhood you live in.
Do you live along one of the proposed dangerous goods routes (e.g. Whoop-up Drive, UniversityDrive)? 
“I live in the community of Sunridge, approximately X km from proposed well site LSD 16, Sec 16, Twp008, R 22, W 4 M.”
“I live in the community of Copperwood, approximately X km from proposed well site LSD 05, Sec 14, Twp008, R 22, W 4 M (closer to Copperwood), and 50m from the proposed dangerous good route on Whoop-Up Drive.”
“I live in London Road, approximately X km from the proposed well site, and I am concerned about falling property values across the city.”

2) Project Location:
The following project information has been inserted into Statement of concern forms, provided in PDF format for your convenience. Our understanding is that each Statement of Concern may only reference one site, so consider sending one form for each of the three sites.
LSD 05, Sec 14, Twp008, R 22, W 4 M (closer to Copperwood)
LSD 16, Sec 16, Twp008, R 22, W 4 M (closer to Sunridge)
Project Description: Oil and Gas Exploration
Project Type: Oil and Gas
AER application no. (if available): Leave Blank
Company name: Goldenkey Oil Inc.
Company Contact/Representative: Qiping Men, CFO, Goldenkey Oil Inc.
Company Address: 900-633 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2Y5,

3) A summary of your concerns (how the proposed project could impact you, your organization,or your members and/or adversely affect you, your residence, or lands in which you have an interest):
State all of your objections to Goldenkey’s exploratory wells in Lethbridge. Are you afraid of property value going down? Of spills? Of future health issues? Write down these concerns, but explain them. Do not write, “I am afraid for my health.” Instead write, “I am afraid for my health because they might bring up H2S (hydrogen sulphide) and have a leak.”
It may be helpful to state your concerns relating to specific industry operation, which can include: hazardous materials storage, dangerous goods routes, flaring, noise and light pollution, odors, seismic activity, and emergency plans.
Concerns relating to human health, water quality, and global environmental impacts can be included, but may be disregarded by the AER without reference to specific industry operation.

4) A summary of the history and/or background information that may provide insight to the AERabout your concerns:
Your story. A history of your interaction with the company may help qualify you for the very specific criteria needed to participate in a hearing. Hearing details can be found on the AER website. If you think you might qualify for standing at a hearing, please contact
Please do not include any information that you do not wish to be made public, including financial and medical information.

5) What you want the AER to do:
How should the AER deal with this situation? Would you like the AER to reject Goldenkey’s application? Do you request a public hearing prior to a decision? Are there alternatives, perhaps involving renegotiation of the mineral lease?