Won’t these wells bring in a lot of money into our local economy?

Oil and gas development is often connected with ‘big money’, however a few points to keep in mind with this proposed project:

  • These are only exploratory wells meaning there are no assurances that these wells will produce economical oil, even though the potential damage is the same.

  • In the U.S., landowners own the mineral rights and therefore receive a percentage of oil revenue which can be significant.  However in Alberta the mineral rights are owned by the province and the landowners only receive a relatively small compensatory payment.

  • Goldenkey has stated that they will bring in their own crews to set up the wells, with those crews leaving the area once finished and moving on to the next well, where ever that will be.  A ‘half-dozen’ or so jobs may be created to monitor and maintain the wells, but that would be ‘best case’ according to Goldenkey.

  • A U of A study revealed that home within 4km of a well site can lose between 4 to 16% of it’s property value.  Given that most of West Lethbridge fits within this radius, thousands of residents will end up losing significant equity.

Aren’t there already wells drilled in West Lethbridge?

Yes, there are oil and gas wells within City limits and getting closer and closer to homes unless we are doing something now. The proposed wells by Goldenkey will be oil (including sour gas) wells and flaring which are significantly different in many ways. The proposed wells include the following issues that gas wells don’t: dangerous chemicals to be transported in and out of the well site, flaring, hazardous sour gas emissions (hydrogen sulphide), injection of dangerous chemicals into the ground under high pressure, unpleasant odors, onsite storage of chemicals, risk of water contamination, etc. The project also includes two ‘oil batteries’ which include more industrial equipment process the fluid, which means more fugitive emissions, contamination, and added risk of human error. Just to name a few.

Who can file a statement of concern to the AER?

Anyone who believes they may be directly and adversely affected by an energy resource application can file a statement of concern.

Which countries/states/provinces have fracking bans in place?

Countries that have fracking bans in place:

  • Germany
  • France
  • South Africa
  • Bulgaria
  • Luxemburg
  • Romania
  • Switzerland
  • Fribourg

States and Provinces that have fracking bans in place

  • Canada: Newfoundland and Quebec
  • USA: Dallas,Texas. New York State: 103 towns and counties. Colorado: Fort Collins, Boulder, and Lafayette. The states of Vermont, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico
  • Spain: Cantabria

What is a Confirmation of Non-objection?

Impacted parties or residents living within a 1.5 km radius of the surface site will be asked to sign a Confirmation of Non-objection document. As part of the notification process, landowners/occupants and local authorities within varying distances from an energy development must be made aware of and confirm their non-objection to the specific local energy development.

Impacted parties will be asked to sign a statement:
I/We, ______ have no concerns or objection to the AER issuing a permit to GoldenKey Oil Inc. to construct and operate the proposed facility / pipeline.

You DO NOT have to sign this statement!

What is the difference between a letter to a politician and an official Statement of Concern to the Alberta Energy Regulator?

Writing letters to the Premier and other politicians is an important step in preventing drilling in the City of Lethbridge. However, if these letters are cc’ed to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), they will be ignored.

Writing to the AER is the most important action to prevent drilling in Lethbridge. The AER requires that your opposition to the drilling project come in the form of a Statement of Concern, which has very strict criteria for content, different from the content of a letter. Click here for details.

Will the drilling include fracking?

Yes. Goldenkey has confirmed that hydraulic fracturing will be used.

Where can I learn more about fracking?

Check out our resources page on the website.

Will these wells include sour gas?

The Goldenkey Confirmation of Non-Objection as per Alberta Energy Regulator Direction 56 states that the Goldenkey Penny 5-14-8-22 W4M well expects production of sour gas at 400 ppm or 0.04% H2S (hydrogen sulfide) content.

What about an Emergency Response Plan?

Goldenkey states that a specific Emergency Response Plan is not required for this project and that their corporate Emergency Response Plan will apply.

When will drilling take place?

We don't know exactly. Initially, Goldenkey mentioned they expected to make application to the Alberta Energy Regulator in January 2014 and drilling/fracking to commence in April 2014. It is now February and we have heard they expect to apply by mid-February.

Where will the water for drilling come from?

Goldenkey has stated they will source the water municipally and truck it in. However, the City of Lethbridge and Goldenkey have not entered into any formal agreement.

Where will the drilling traffic be routed? What about dangerous goods?

Goldenkey has stated that if
trucks. Currently, University Drive West is a designated Dangerous Goods Route.
The routes Goldenkey proposes to utilize are below:
Dangerous goods route

Where are the wells located?

The well locations are: LSD 05, Sec 14, Twp 008, R 22, W 4 M (closer to Copperwood)  LSD 16, Sec 16, Twp 008, R 22, W 4 M (closer to Sunridge) Map of Well Locations

What does the City of Lethbridge say about this?

City Council has formally stated its opposition to urban oil and gas drilling via an official resolution it passed on November 13, 2012. In that resolution, Council asserted that such activity would effectively sterilize developable urban land and burden the City with additional costs by creating the need for setbacks to separate wells and underground pipelines from future neighbourhoods. Council reaffirmed its opposition in an official statement issued September 16, 2013 when GoldenKey Oil's intentions became public. A further written update was provided to City Council on November 25, 2013. In addition, the City of Lethbridge has filed a letter of objection with the AER. Here is the City's website for more information.