Odors and air pollution

Sour gas and flaring are major concerns for the residents of Lethbridge. However, concerns about odors and other air pollutants are also an issue. Residents across Alberta report negative consequences from being within the vicinity of oil and gas operations. Nose bleeds, rashes, headaches, dizziness, respiratory problems, muscle pain, loss of hair, severe illness and death of livestock have all been widely reported. see www.AlbertaVoices.ca for personal stories

At this time, the Alberta Energy Regulator is holding public hearings into residents’ concerns that oil industry operations in the Peace River area are causing dizziness, headaches and cognitive impairment. Experts contend that in the least the symptoms are caused by the strong smell which triggers a reaction.

Residents in this area were refused physician care and laboratory analytical services when they suggested a connection between bitumen exposure and chronic symptoms.

Residents of Lethbridge have also expressed concerns on the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from this project.