Dangerous goods transportation and increased traffic

The following diagrams document Goldenkey’s proposed access to the two well sites. Access to the south east well site will utilize the entire length of University Drive, to Popson Park, past Cottonwood Park and on to the well site. Access to the north west well site will utilize the northern section of University Drive, move west along Whoop Up Drive, and then head south through the community of Copperwood. If the wells produce, oil will be trucked out using typical liquid transport trucks. Fracking fluid and waste will also be trucked in and out of well sites.

While University Drive is a designated Dangerous Goods Route, the other streets are not. The City of Lethbridge Bylaw No. 5254 states that no carrier shall enter or leave or travel within the City other than on a Dangerous Goods Truck Route; except for the purposes of obtaining or delivering goods from a location off the Dangerous Goods Route. In this circumstance, the most accessible connection must be used.

The Fire Chief may issue an Off-Route Permit authorizing the transportation of dangerous goods on a highway in the City other than the Dangerous Goods Route, provided that such transportation, in the opinion of the Fire Chief, be conducted safely.

Due to the nature of the drilling, frequent industrial truck traffic to and from the well sites is to be expected. Goldenkey has indicated that truckers will be instructed to operate well below posted speed limits. On single lane streets, this has the potential to cause major traffic delays.

In light of recent oil transportation disasters, including loss of life, and the subsequent governmental safety alerts, residents are very concerned about regulations and safety regarding the transportation of dangerous goods and oil through residential areas, past schools, playgrounds, libraries, churches and homes.

Truck Routes